November 4th (Sunday) at CFP: Frail Body, Capitol Offense, Final Order, Graveswitcher, Crowning


This weekend is all sorts of crazy packed with shows going on in town starting with the show that happened last night. This one is happening this upcoming Sunday, November 4th at the CFP house. This one is for the touring act Frail Body from Rockford, Illinois up north. Cool! Also on this show is hardcore band Final Order from right here home grown and raised. Also homegrown hardcore and raised is Graveswitcher who just played here last night. Other than that, there’s Capitol Offense (hardcore heavy band) from Decatur. And opening things up it looks like… Crowning (no, actually they probably wouldn’t be opening up), from Chicago.

That is your show. Things start at 7:00 pm over there at The CFP, sorry we can’t tell you where the house is on there. $5 for the touring bands. Find a facebook event for that one right here. Also check out our Springfield shows page for a list of shows going on outside of Black Sheep (we are working on).

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