October 2018 Issue Of Activator Magazine Available At Dumb Records

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 9.16.11 AM.png

If you can believe it, the month of October is only one day away (October 1st is tomorrow). And with a new month, that means we now have a new issue of free Springfield music magazine Activator rolling in. If you can also believe it, this is the publication’s fifth issue to come out. This one features solo artist Kate Laine on the cover (also pictured holding the magazine inside Dumb Records). The issue includes more interviews with Zach Elston, Twenty One Seven Studios, and hip hop artist Jay Ginerawll. It also includes album reviews, show calendars, a comic by Mike Tirehaus, even a poem by Drew Kodrich, and more.

Pick up a copy of Activator for free inside Dumb Records at any time the store is open (noon-8:00 pm every day). You can get ahold of the magazine through email at activatormagazine@gmail.com for more inquiries.

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