Tonight at Dumb Records: “Star Wars: The Lost Sandwich” Movie Premiere, Imaginary Colors, Gary & The Omnichords


There is a very different type of show going on tonight over at Dumb Records! Starting at 7:00 pm tonight there is a free event in the store which features musical performances from two acts, but also a special movie premiere of a new locally made fan fiction Star Wars film called “The Lost Sandwich.” The film is written and directed by Evan Mitchell: One Man Band of Taylorville, Illinois. As you can see in the movie poster pictured above it features characters played by Drew Carrher, Brian Galecki, Mrs. Doubtfire, Milk Tirehaus, Ramsey Miller, Carter Bibb, and more. We have been told the film itself has a run time of about twenty minutes. If you like what you hear, you can catch a sneak peek with this movie trailer right here. In addition to the film there will be musical performances in the store by Gary & The Omnichords and Imaginary Colours. Stream some music from Imaginary Colours on the player below.

This all starts inside Dumb Records (1107 South Grand Ave East) at 7:00 pm tonight and is FREE. There is a $1 all you can eat VHS buffet going on as well. Find a facebook event for all of this right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page right here where you can see what else is coming up at Black Sheep and Dumb Records this fall.

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