August 31st at Black Sheep: Nightcrawler, Graveswitcher, Prowess, Master Bastard


Coming up this upcoming Friday we have a four band show for you all at Black Sheep! This one features a newer Chicago group called “Nightcrawler” featuring members of bands who have performed at Black Sheep in years past. You can stream a song by them on the player below. The rest of the show features a handful of punk and alternative home grown right here in Springfield. This includes Graveswitcher – the new up and coming powerful hardcore band featuring members of every Springfield band ever. It also features Prowess, a band rumored to have recently played where no other bands have dared to play before in Springfield. And opening things up is the grunge/rock group Master Bastard.

This show starts Friday at 7:00 pm. Admission is $5. You should come out. Find a facebook event for the show right here. Also check out our shows page which we are working on updating on our site.

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