Saturday, April 21 at Black Sheep: Blood Soaked Boogie Bandits, No Solution, This Is A Stick Up, Lucy Furr, Foam Fangers


Aside from Dumb Records gearing up what is projected to be the store’s biggest day ever of all time this Saturday, there is also a pretty stacked show going on that night at Black Sheep as well! There will be no reason not to be in Southtown at some point this Saturday! At the top of the bill for this show is the Lincoln and Central-Illinois based grimy punk / metal band “Blood Soaked Boogie Bandits“. We have No Solution on how to get rid of those pesky Blood Soaked Boogie Bandits. (No Solution is playing as well) (that’s almost certainly the wrong link to a different No Solution in France). But wait! This Is A Stick Up! From Decatur! They are not really ska, but more of a punk band! Also on the bill is “Lucy Furr“. Is Lucy a person or a full band? Looks like a full on band, and you can stream their music on the player below. Let’s see if you can open this show up with your Foam Fangers– new band from right here in Springfield.

All of this will be starting at Black Sheep on Saturday at 7:00 pm. Admission is $7. There will be a show in Dumb Records as part of Record Store Day with just three acts at 2:00 pm. (The store opens up at 8:00 am). Be sure to come an hour early, wait in line at 7:00 am, and stay for the music, and stay for the show at Black Sheep so that you are here for a full 16 hours straight. Find a facebook event right here. We’ve also updated our shows page a little bit!

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