Tonight at Black Sheep: “Grind 2 Shine” Hip Hop Show / Contest


We’re sorry that we have been very behind on updating our calendar and giving you the heads on on everything coming up at Black Sheep – but tonight there is another hip hop show going on and it looks like it’s a contest of sorts! This one is being called “Grind 2 Shine” and it is being put on by “Straight Drop Media” and “Da Midwest Connectz”. It will be some sort of hip hop contest with 10 minute performance slots. We do not know what performers are confirmed for this right now, but we do know that winners will be given radio interviews and a free music video shot by Jay Wills.

That starts tonight at 7:00 pm. Admission is…. $5? We aren’t sure. There isn’t a facebook event for this one either. However you can check out our shows page for a good look at everything else coming up at Black Sheep this spring (we are working on getting that updated)!

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