Monday at CFP: Jocko, Pryss, Graveswitcher


Right after the block of shows that we have lined up at Black Sheep there will be another rare Springfield house show happening at new basement venue “CFP” (we are still not exactly sure what this stands for but right now our best guess is Carter’s Fried Pickles). This one is this upcoming Monday, March 26th. It features hardcore rap-rock band Jocko from Omaha, Nebraska (home of the band 311). Stream that hot new Jocko promo on the player below and get pumped for the gig. Also on this show is Springfield hardcore band Pryss, who also recently dropped a three-song cassette tape. Opening things up is a brand new band featuring Mitch Baker of the band Looming called “Graveswitcher“. This show is also a celebration of Mitchell’s birthday. Be sure to bring a present.

It looks like things will be starting off over at the house at 7:00 pm and you should bring $5 for the touring bands as well as a present for Mitch of the band Looming. If you are not sure of the coordinates of the CFP house, go to the facebook event and ask an admin. Check our Springfield shows page for a list of other shows coming up outside of Black Sheep.

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