Friday at “The C.F.P.”: Spell Breaker, Stick People, Sorry Charlie


There’s a show happening this weekend in Springfield at a brand new house venue!? Did you know that? And it’s not the Radon Lounge! (Instead The Radon Lounge is going to be taking over Black Sheep on Saturday). What kind of backwards weekend is this? On Friday night, February 9th there will be a show featuring an all local lineup of three bands at a new house venue called “The C.F.P.” (we do not know what this officially stands for but our best bet is Carter’s Friendship Palace). This show will feature hit Springfield rock group Spell Breaker, a band very familiar to our own Black Sheep stage. Taylorville’s secret band Stick People will also be making an appearance. Then (we are guessing opening things up) is the first performance of a brand new Springfield band that we know little about called “Sorry Charlie.” Those three acts.

The show starts at 7:00 over at this mysterious new house. To find out where it is, go check out the facebook event. Admission is donation based. Also check out our shows page for the best list of shows happening in town outside of Black Sheep that we could put together.

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