Timothy Donavan Russell: “Slower Than Your Heartbeat”


It’s great to once again have some Halloween music and sounds coming from local musicians once again for this season! Some of you may remember The Suction Cups releasing their Lost Tapes around this time last year. This year we are gifted with yet another release from solo ambient musician, Timothy Donovan Russell in time for the holidays. This is Slower Than Your Heartbeat – 12 tracks of horror music and special sound effects. Go ahead and blast that music for all of your neighbors to hear! Stream the release below. From the bandcamp page:

Horror music composed and recorded in dim red light. It’s alive but has no shadow. Beyond there are empty cages and pools of clear water in a cave where bats are waking, flying through walls, and crushing the ghosts flat against the spider world. At the dead end you wait for the demon.

This is one of nine releases that Timothy has put out this year alone. We are trying to keep track of Timothy’s releases and everything else to come out this year in our fine city on our local music archive page. We will be hosting another year-end poll this year as well!

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