Livin’ Thing: “The Godhead Hates Him”


Today we bring you a hot new track from Springfield’s own Livin’ Thing – we just announced yesterday that the band will be releasing a 7″ next month along with a release show at our venue on Sunday, November 19th. The 7″ is called The Godhead EP and is coming out on Champaign/Urbana-based label Rat King Records. Today the title track off of that release “The Godhead Hates Him” debuted on New Noise Magazine online. You can check the new song out right here. From the article:

New Noise Magazine is bringing “The Godhead Hates Him” by Livin Thing. Livin’ Thing’s brand of punk rock is blown out and goofy. With dueling guitar leads through out songs and the plodding of the bass and drums, the band rallies around the raspy vocal approach. “The Godhead Hates Him” showcases all the highlights of this group, effectively energetic withoutout over doing it. The song comes off of the upcoming vinyl release, The Godhead, out 11/19 via Rat King Records.

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