Timothy Donavan Russell: “Interconnections”


Springfield solo ambient artist Timothy Donavan Russell is at it once again, this time with his seventh release to come out this year. Wow. This time around it’s a mashup album, or “samplecore.” From the description on Timothy’s bandcamp page:

An ultimate samplecore album. Nearly 300 pop/rock samples went into the making of this. None of them were harmed, though some were stretched and/or transposed. Play a game and guess the sources; download the official sample guide; etc.!

[All music originally composed to play in the background at “Interconnectivity”, a group art exhibition that took place in Springfield, Illinois at The Pharmacy Gallery & Art Space on September 8th & 9th, 2017.]

There you have it, you can check out Interconnections in its entirety below. Wow, it’s a whole twenty tracks! Also head over to Timothy’s bandcamp page to download the album for free.

We have our Springfield album archive page set up to list off releases that came out in town this year and also of years past. Enjoy!

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