Looming: “Seed” Full Album Stream


Today we are beyond excited to host the full album stream for Looming‘s new album Seed on our site. Check out Seed in its entirety on the player below.


Seed is the band’s follow up to 2015’s Nailbiter, both released by No Sleep Records. It has now been roughly four years since the band started here in Springfield in 2013. We got the chance to reflect a little bit on things with Jess, Mitch, and Brandon in the band.

I mean we basically started this band as a fun little local project that specifically wouldn’t tour. But when you have a community that’s as supportive as Black Sheep, you can’t help but go as far as you can, knowing that you have people who really believe in you. -Mitch Baker, guitar

With the writing and recording process for Seed, the band had to take a much different approach than with Nailbiter which was recorded by Brandon Carnes when Southtown Studio was in operation behind Black Sheep.

The writing process was really new to us because we had just moved to different parts of the country so it relied heavily on google docs and videos and demos. I would take the demos sent over and use a rock band USB microphone to record myself over them in my little apartment in Austin then email them back to Pittsburgh and we just did that until we had a record and finished the rest in the studio. – Jessica Knight, vocals/bass

Brandon talks about each of the band members coming out to Pittsburg one by one to record their parts for the new album. “It wasn’t until after the record was finished that we even played the songs together as a full band.” Jess says that the album itself has a theme of change and growth, which stems from some of them (herself and Brandon), leaving their hometown here in Springfield. With this album the band also brought in Nick DeMarco in on guitar. With Seed being released, the band is gearing up for their big release show at Black Sheep on Monday with Screaming Females, and a tour that will span nearly the entire month of October.

I personally feel really excited to play this show at Black Sheep and with Screaming Females because it really feels like everything has come full circle and we get to be back with our community. Every time we do this we know it is right because this is where our support system is. I’m just stoked that Screaming Females is coming back to town because they truly are one of my favorite bands. I would drive the distance and buy myself a ticket to see them, and here they are in my own backyard. – Jessica

Looking back on Looming’s four years as a band which now includes an EP and two full length albums, some slight member changes, members moving, multiple tours, and multiple tour vans, it certainly has been a wild ride for them.

When we started this band, we had no idea the impact it would have on our lives. We had no idea how many incredible people these songs would help us meet. The long drives. The van arguments that you look back and laugh at. The van accident. The outpouring of support from friends and strangers that helped us when the accident happened. Signing to a rad record label. You can’t plan for any of that. This band has absolutely transformed us, but still when we get together and practice it feels just like it did in the basement on 7th Street. – Brandon

The band has announced all of the dates for their record release tour spanning throughout most of the month of October. You can find all of those dates listed on the band’s facebook page right here.

Looming’s official album release show is this Monday, October 2nd at Black Sheep along with Screaming Females, Street Eaters, and Choir Vandals. There are still a few days left to purchase tickets in advance! You can get tickets online right here, or also at Dumb Records during the day. Find a facebook event for that one right here.

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