New Band Pages: Animals With Human Names


Hey, happy Monday everyone! Thanks to all who came out to our roundtable meeting yesterday to discuss the future of Black Sheep and the future of live music as we know it. Let’s start the week off with another featured band/project – this one has been around for a while, shame on us for taking this long to get a page up! This is Animals With Human Names – the hip hop project of Jim Whitehead also in Say Something, Statues of the Dead, and numerous other bands throughout the ages through pretty much all of Black Sheep’s twelve years of being a venue. Head over to the newly created band page right here to find out more about the project and hear some tunes. And be on the lookout for some AWHN shows here in the future.

Check out any of our 55+ current band pages on our site right here. Do you play in a band or are a solo musician in Springfield that has not yet set up a page with us? We would love to hear from you! Send us an email to and we will work with you to get something set up.

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