September 9th at Laser House: Victor Villareal (Cap’n Jazz), Sleeping Cranes, Johari Idusuyi


Today we have a rare Springfield house show coming up to tell you about. No, this one is not at The Radon Lounge, this time around it’s at Laser House – another house venue that occasionally puts on living room shows. This one is happening on Saturday, September 9th. You can expect this one to be indie-rock of sorts – it features headlining act Victor Villareal who performed in iconic emo / indie bands Cap’n Jazz, Joan of Arc, and Owls. Check out Victor’s newest solo material streaming on the player below. This show also features the work of local poet Johari Idusuyi. Then opening things up is an act familiar to Laser House and that is Sleeping Cranes currently based out of St. Louis.

This show starts over at Laser House at 8:00 pm, and admission is $10. Seating is limited! If you wish to inquire about the address or other details, email Find a facebook event right here.

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