Monday at Black Sheep: The Jïg, Pryss, Prowess, Kira Jari


Oops, look at what goofs we are – we forgot to get an announcement post up for the last show of the five-day show streak that we are in the middle of right now. This one is happening this Monday, August 21st in just two days. Would you believe it, that is the same day as the solar eclipse hitting our area at around 1:00 pm. Come to this show after you get all eclipse’d out from earlier in the day. This one features the return of The Jïg from Indiana. Last time they played here was the fall of 2015. Check out some of their music streaming on the player below. Also on this show is Pryss – who just finished up a ten day long tour to Texas, Colorado, and more. Come out and welcome them home. We also have local band Prowess stirring things up in the pit. Opening things up we’ve got another touring act from Denton, Texas called “Kira Jari” featuring members of other bands that have performed at Black Sheep before.

This show starts at 7:00 pm and admission is $5. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a good look at what else is coming up at Black Sheep in the near future!

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