Black Sheep Fest 1 Week Away, T Shirt Design Contest Voting


It’s the very end of July right now and everything sure is sneaking up on us. Did you know that Black Sheep Fest 2017 is just one week away happening on Saturday, August 5th? Today we finally are getting our annual Black Sheep Fest t-shirt design poll up and running. We’ve had 4 submissions this year which you can find below:





That’s it! You can put in your vote for your favorite design to get printed on shirts for this year’s fest right here. We are closing off the poll at 9:00 pm tomorrow (Sunday). We are also keeping all of our artists anonymous for now to keep things fair!

Find a facebook event for Black Sheep Fest 2017 right here. Black Sheep Fest starts next weekend at 3:00 pm and there are 15 acts performing. We may or may not be handing out mix CDs for the fest today at Downhome Music Festival downtown.

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