Southtown Sound Dumb Fe5t Compilation


Many of you may have forgotten that during Dumb Fe5t (now over one month ago), Southtown Sound was not necessarily opened up as a show space but instead they were in their own corner of our neighborhood working away recording countless bands for a special project. Today we are releasing that compilation of songs that were recorded as live tracks throughout that entire weekend – 15 songs from 15 different bands who all played this past year at Dumb Fe5t. Stream that entire compilation on the player below. Also head over to the Prescience Tapes bandcamp page to download the entire compilation at your own price. Prescience Tapes will be releasing a physical format of the comp which will hopefully be available on cassette at Black Sheep Fest and also at Dumb Records.

Now that the Dumb Fe5t compilation is out there, and more non-live recordings are on the way (from Bottom Bracket, Stick People, and more)- you can expect a big update from us on what Southtown Sound has been up to some time next week!

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