Videos: Food & Money at Black Sheep 7-1-17, Stream Full Food & Money LP


We can still not get over how incredible it was to have bands Food & Money and Backwards Day perform at Black Sheep for the first time in 35 years and 23 years together here at the beginning of this month. Today we bring you a video of one of the songs from Food & Money’s set, which you can find on the player below. The song is called “No Bones” and is the first song the band ever wrote as far back as the 1970’s. Thanks to Gordon Chang, video of Food & Money’s entire set from that night is also available right here. We have a few photos from that night compiled onto a flickr album right here.

Also within the past few days, the entire new Food & Money LP that has been released by Alona’s Dream Records has been made available online! You can stream all 21 songs of the record (some unreleased) right here or also on the player below. The record will be available very soon at Dumb Records.

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