Photos: Dumb Fe5t Day 1


We are here and ready to get back on track after an incredible Dumb Fest #5 this past weekend! Can we just say WOW, we had an extremely successful weekend full of bands and festival attendees having a great time and rockin’ it on all 7? 8? or 9? Dumb Fest stages.

Tonight we are bringing you a first round of many more Dumb Fest photos to come. These are all of the photos we have of the first night inside Black Sheep, where just 6 bands of the 55 total performed. Find those photos here on our Dumb Fe5t flickr album, or here on our Dumb Fe5t facebook album. All of these photos are taken by the talented photographer Veronica Mullen. If you would like a taste of more of Veronica’s Dumb Fest photos, check out her page V Mullen Media on facebook.

Photos from Dumb Fe5t day 2 and 3 to come shortly!

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