The last day of Dumb Fe5t is here, and we still have plenty to look forward to today! Time to scrounge up that last bit of energy we have left of this weekend and rock and roll as much as we can for this last day. Today kicks off as early as 10:00 am over at Cafe Andiamo (204 S. 6th Street downtown). Here’s what we have lined up for that:

KOWABUNGA! KID (Champaign, IL)
IT’S ME: ROSS (Columbia, MO)
VIDEO GRAVES (Bloomington, IN)
ATTIC SALT (Springfield)

Then we are taking a short break and are going to pick things up for the next show at 3:00 pm taking place somewhere outside. This could be anywhere in Springfield. You have to go on a big scavenger hunt around town to find out where the bands are playing. Good luck! Here’s the lineup for that one:

LIVIN’ THING (Springfield)
THE WAD (St. Louis, MO)
BLEAK AGE (Oklahoma City, OK)

Then after that for the very last show at 7:00 pm we are going to head back to the ranch and have the last few bands play inside our record store Dumb Records to close out the fest.

FETISH (Houston, TX)
STYE (Bloomington, IL)
THE DRY LOOK (Champaign, IL)

And that will be it! Then we will all watch a movie outside on our projector next to our elephant and cry. Today the show at Cafe Andiamo is $5, the show somewhere outside is free, and the show in Dumb Records is $5. Nice. Find a facebook event for all of Dumb Fest 5 right here. Stream some music from Video Graves on the player below.

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