April 8th at Black Sheep: Ashland, Sidelined, Welcome Home, Unamused Dave, Avoid, Shoot The Messanger, Gadget


Gosh dangit, we have a show here on Saturday, April 8th with seven whole bands. This one is being called “springing into 2017” or something. For this one we have the band Welcome Home on tour from St. Louis. We will be welcoming them to Springfield. Check out their music on the player below. We have a good number of bands from out of town from the Central Illinois area on this show. This also includes “Unamused Dave” from Peoria. We are unamused at that band name, Dave. Also we have “Avoid” from somewhere around here (that band is really hard to search for on google to find their music)!! Also “Shoot The Messenger” from Tinley Park, Illinois. Then this show also has a few bands familiar to the Black Sheep stage. We have Ashland from somewhere around here who last played here in October. Also Sidelined who played the last Ashland show and again at Black Sheep another time since then. Last band we have to list off is Gadget from Decatur. We are not sure the order those bands will be playing!

This show will start at 6:00 pm sharp and admission is $7. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a list of what else is going on this spring at Black Sheep right here.

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