New Band Pages: Gutterpriest


Tonight we are bringing you a new band page for a project that has been playing shows for a good number of years at Black Sheep now, and that is the solo noise and grindcore project Gutterpriest. Check out that new page right here where you can listen to the project’s latest cassette release and find out more info. Bring on the noise in 2017.

Gutterpriest does not have any shows lined up currently but related project Weeping Iniquity (new page for that coming soon) will be performing here on Monday, April 17th with the band Futuro from Brazil. We’ll have an official announcement for that show shortly.

Also very unrelated to gutterpriest, but we will be showing a horror movie of some sort from the Dumb Records VHS collection inside Black Sheep on a projector screen tonight at 11:00 pm if anyone is looking for something to do!

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