Black Bloc and Gutterpriest Inside Dumb Records on February 18th


We announced a show happening at Black Sheep on Saturday, February 18th (one week from tomorrow) a while back. It is to feature Sidelined, Crowns, Stems, Low Weather, Pretend I’m Not There, and Mystery Gift. In addition to all of that going on at Black Sheep, we have an unauthorized experiment of two acts to add to the mix that will be performing inside Dumb in between bands at Black Sheep. Those will be Black Bloc (noise electronic act from New York), and also the intense local noisecore act Gutterpriest. Black Bloc also performed at South Town Studio last summer.

Check out a facebook event for the show at Black Sheep right here. The whole night will kick off at 7:00 pm. The show inside Black Sheep is $8, and for the acts inside Dumb Records we will be taking donations. Also donations = tacos!? Sounds good to us! More upcoming shows at Black Sheep / Dumb Records on our shows page right here.

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