January 19th at Black Sheep: Pre-Inauguration Night of Art, Poetry, Noise


Thursday, January 19th is the last day before this year’s presidential inauguration and some of us at Black Sheep want to hold another night of expression in response. Going along with our Resilience event last month, this is going to be another event along those lines focused a little bit more on the art and noise side of things. A big highlight of the night is that a big collaborative painting is being organized by Black Sheep co-owner Clare Frachey. From Clare:

I want to organize a community collaborative painting. I’m going to buy a large drop cloth canvas and ask that anyone and everyone bring old house paint and paint brushes to cover this canvas with symbols and imagery in regards to how we are feeling and thinking. No words, just symbols, patterns and ideas put into imagery. It doesn’t have to be super serious, but it can be. This project could end up anywhere! Everyone’s contributions will probably end up overlapping and it will look amazing if we get enough. What you have to express really matters, so here is a place to do it. What we will do with the canvas after it’s finished is still in the works but it’s brewing. This activity is open to any and everyone from all ages and walks of life.

Anyone who is able is encouraged to also bring paint supplies for the piece. In addition to this collaborative art piece, there will also be a noise performance by Emasculate Regression. We also have poetry performances lined up by Ian Winterbauer, Emma Wilson, Keegan Otwell, Johari Id, and more. Anyone who has poetry to share is also welcome to join.

This event will start at 7:00 pm and we will be taking donations to keep the Black Sheep running. Check out a facebook event for all of this right here. Also be sure to check our shows page for other events coming up this year.

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