2017 Project: Springfield Local Music Album Archive


For 2017 we definitely want to try to be more on top of things on this website in terms of show announcement posts going up quick, and being on top of shows going on at Black Sheep and elsewhere in Springfield. We want to cover more bands with our current and past band pages, but also we are working on a new project of trying to archive those Springfield albums and releases of the past!

If you go to our ancient Springfield music forum, we have been trying to keep a list of every Springfield release we can possibly list off. The past 5 years have been easy to list off thanks to our end of the year polls and things being organized on this site. 1990’s releases are mostly thanks to Anthony and Some Thing’s Can’t Be Ignored Music blog somethingscantbeignored.wordpress.com/. As of right now (the afternoon of the 1st) our list currently stands at 231 listed off releases by Springfield bands over the years and growing.  This year we hope to dig deeper by updating this list with more entries and also digging deep to provide downloadable links to each entry (which we have already begun doing). If the release is no longer available or streamable online we hope to upload it online for everyone to download so that it is not forgotten forever. Check out where we are on that master list on our forum right here. We may move the list to a permanent page on our site later on, but are deciding to keep it on the forum for now.

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