November 19th at The Radon Lounge: Red Sweater Lullaby, Kevin Schlereth, Chris Bernstorf, Keyoung, Brandon Austin


The Radon Lounge are of course keeping it up with their monthly shows hosted in their basement venue and they have recently announced their plans for November with this show happening on Saturday, November 19th. Yes, this is the same night as the Black Sheep Band Lotto, but we figured it’s important to let you know what’s going on in town so that you can decide where to go and what to do! For this show The Radon has Red Sweater Lullaby returning from Las Vegas, Nevada. You can stream some of that project’s music below, which also performed at The Radon Lounge a couple of years back. Then coming from St. Louis is an acoustic artist, Kevin Schlereth who also played at The Radon Lounge for one of their earlier shows. Up before that is Chris Bernstorf performing some spoken word and Keyoung from Columbus, Ohio. Opening things up looks like a performance by Brandon Austin who has set up a couple of hip hop shows at Black Sheep in the past.

That show at The Radon starts at 7:00 pm and is $5. You can check out a facebook event for that one right here. Check out the Radon Lounge’s website for more info on them as well as where you can find out their secret location. Also check out our Springfield shows page which is sometimes updated with shows going on in town outside of Black Sheep.

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