September 21st at Dumb Records: Forever Grey, Weeping Iniquity, Gazeebo, Rella

29688038705_c21e4a0bc3_k copy.jpg

Here’s a show announcement for something going on in just two days at Dumb Records. (This is this Tuesday, September 21st we are talking about). For this one we have a minimal goth/electronic project called “Forever Grey” coming in from Michigan on tour. Check out some of Forever Grey’s music streaming on the player below. Then we also have the noise / industrial project “Weeping Inequity” from here in Springfield. Also lined up are two other local solo acts. Those include the noisecore/noise project “Gazeebo” and then the acoustic/keyboard project “Rella” by both Drew Kodrich and Clare Frachey.

This one is going to be a late one! We are getting things going right at 9:00 pm inside the store. The show is just $3-5 donations, whatever you want. Check out a facebook event for this one right here, and also our upcoming shows page right here.


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