Tonight at Black Sheep: 11 Year Anniversary with Livin’ Thing, GRINN, Synzu


Tonight’s the big night! The Black Sheep will be celebrating a whole 11 years of our existence (first show was September 16th, 2005). It sure has been a wild ride, and things might be getting weirder as we go into our twelfth year- we will be moving a giant elephant into the lot next to Dumb Records today at 5:15 pm if everything goes as planned and could use some help! The show tonight has gone down to three bands so we are pushing back start time to 7:30 pm right on the dot. Tonight we have rock n’ roll ridiculousness Livin’ Thing, who recently just got back from a world tour. Stream their music on the player below. Also tonight is a performance by hardcore band GRINN. Then opening up tonight is a new Springfield band – “Synzu” who will be making their Black Sheep debut tonight at the anniversary show.

Again the show tonight starts right at 7:30 pm. Come at 5:00 pm if you want to see us or help move a giant elephant, weather permitting. Show admission tonight is $5. Find a facebook event for the show right here. Also check out our upcoming shows page right here.

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