Tonight at Black Sheep: Kevin Seconds (of 7Seconds), Jeff Williams, Spooky Poo, Austin Connely


Wow! This show is the finale show of a 4 day streak we’ve had over at the Black Sheep and we’re excited to present this Tuesday night lineup! We have artist Kevin Seconds coming to perform some lo-fi folk tunes, and many of you may know him from band 7 Seconds. Jeff Williams of local legacy band NIL8 will be performing a solo set, local crooners in Spooky Poo will be taking the stage tonight as well, and Austin Connely will open up the show with some acoustic tunes. That’s a really nice deal for a Tuesday night!

The show is going to start at 7pm and the cost will be $8, so show up wearing the remainder of your summer wardrobe because after this week the entrance of flannel weather is most likely going to begin. Here’s the Facebook event for your viewing pleasure, there are some pretty good videos of crabs on the discussion page. Don’t miss out on the updates on our shows page for info on upcoming shows here!

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