Today at Black Sheep : Central Illinois Hardcore Festival


Today at Black Sheep we have the Central Illinois Hardcore Festival presented by Heavy as Hell and partially sponsored by Rats Among Us Records! Starting at 1pm, this festival should definitely appeal to all hardcore fans around in some way or another! Check out this line-up:

The Brandon Rosa Boombox Experience – 1:00-1:30
Reaver – 1:40-2:10
Mended – 2:20-2:50
Cold Grip– 3:00-3:30
Reduced To Instinct – 3:40-4:10
Through N Through – 4:20-4:50
Open Wound – 5:00-5:30
Cement– 5:40-6:10
Sledge – 6:20-6:50
Mercy Blow FULL SET – 7:00-8:00
Capitol Offense FULL SET – 8:10-9:10
Drowning FULL SET – 9:20-10:20

Check out this fest! It starts at 1pm with a $10 cover to get in.

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