Our Lady: “Sleep Study”


New Noise Magazine is premiering yet another single from Our Lady off of their new album Lure. The song is called “Sleep Study” and it is the third single to come from the album. You can also stream the song on the player below. Check out the New Noise article here.

Our Lady performed Lure in its entirety at Black Sheep last night, and they have left today to play a few shows out of town to celebrate the new album. Our Lady’s label Mayfly Records also did have some bad news to announce regarding the pressing of the new album yesterday:

BUMMER ALERT: It was brought to my attention earlier this week that the pressing plant was having issues with the masters for Our Lady’s LP Lure. The test presses sounded great, but as they started pressing the full run they experienced issues. The plant did everything they could, but ultimately they are going to have to re-cut one of the masters. I hate to break this on what was to be the record release date, but we really tried to make it work. We will have more information about this release soon, and we will ship presales the minute we have them.

Stay tuned for more on another Our Lady Springfield show very soon, and more updates on when the new album will be available on vinyl over at Dumb Records.

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