August 31st at Black Sheep: Pryss, Prom Nite, Stye, Say Something, Statues of the Dead


Squeezing a few more of those punk shows in before the summer is over! This one is happening on Wednesday, August 31st and it is going to be a five-band banger. For this show we have Springfield hardcore band Pryss who just got back from an eight-day tour. The touring act we have on this one is Prom Nite all the way from Toronto, Canada. Check out some of Prom Nite‘s music streaming on the player below. Other than that we also have the first Black Sheep performance for a new Peoria-based powerviolence band called “Stye” lined up for you all. Then before that we have the punk band Say Something taking the stage, and opening things up is a related project called “Statues of the Dead” which you might know as the band featuring a five-year old on drums from our Battle of the Bands last month.

This show will kick off at 7:00 pm and admission this time around is $6. You can find a facebook event for the show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page where you can see what else is coming up at Black Sheep these next few months.

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