July 23rd at South Town Studio: Black Bloc, Gazeebo, Ceiling Lust, Emasculate Regression


Looks like we are shaking things back up again with a show going on tonight inside Dumb Records, and now this noise show inside South Town Studio (not a recording Studio anymore, but still holds shows occasionally!) this upcoming Saturday, July 23rd. There is nothing going on at Black Sheep that night. For this one we have noise/drone project Black Bloc coming from New York. You can stream a track from that project on the player embedded below. Then we have three local acts, including a rare set from the Springfield noise project Gazeebo. We also have the newer industrial project Ceiling Lust, and opening things up looks like we have Emasculate Regression.

This show will be kicking off at 8:00 pm, looks like there might be food available a little before then- but bring donations if you want to eat! Donations be likely taken for the touring act as well. Check out our shows page for a list of upcoming shows at Black Sheep and in Southtown.

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