Tours: Pryss


Looks like a new crop of Springfield bands are starting to head out on the road to make it to the big times. We’ve got our pretty recently-formed hometown hardcore punk band Pryss planning a tour this August. Here are the dates:

August 5th – St. Louis @ Bonerville
August 6th – Black Sheep Fest @ Black Sheep
August 7th – Kansas City
August 8th – Oklahoma City @ The Shop
August 9th – Little Rock @ the Sk8 Park
August 10th – Murray @ Terrapin Station
August 11th – Champaign @ Blips and Chitz
August 12th – Chicago @ TAZ

Find a facebook event for the tour right here. Don’t forget this includes August 6th right here at Black Sheep as part of Black Sheep Fest 2016. The fest is sure to be a fun time. Pryss is also playing a show here on July 29th along with Menthol from North Carolina, which we haven’t officially announced yet. Check out Pryss’s demo streaming below.

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