Full Lineup for Black Sheep Battle of the Bands July 9th


The Black Sheep Battle of the Bands has been coming together quite nicely, and we are finally ready to announce the final lineup for the battle which is happening in just less than two weeks on Saturday, July 9th. We have a whopping total of seven bands on the bill now, all of which are younger college, high school-aged, or even younger (including the five-year-old fronted punk band “Statues of the Dead”. Some of these bands already have songs recorded but we won’t include links to any right now because we don’t want this to be biased!! Here is the lineup:


As every year we have done this, there will be two main winners. One will get the crowd’s vote award, with everyone in the crowd voting for their favorite act. That band will receive a spot on Black Sheep Fest on August 6th. Then there will also be a panel of judges, who will collectively chose another winner to receive a demo recorded for free by one of our recording engineers at Black Sheep. There also might be a third prize from HISO Music, who is now also sponsoring the event!

The Black Sheep Battle of the Bands will start at 6:00 pm and admission for those who are not playing is $5. You can find a facebook event right here. Also check out our shows page to look at what other events are being held at our space this summer.

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