Photos: Dumb Fest 4-Ever


It might not be an easy task, but we have been trying our best to gather photos of the incredible Dumb Fest 4-Ever which happened here in Springfield now two weeks ago. The festival happened over the course of three different days on June 10th, 11th, and 12th and 50 bands played at 5? 6? different locations. We have just been grabbing photos as we see them appear, and giving as much photo credit as we can here!! Special thanks to photographers Stephen Houldsworth, Miles Fowler, Austin Roberts, Will Mecca, and B.J. Pearce, and plenty of others. If you took pictures of Dumb Fest that we don’t have, we want to include them in our album! Email us at with your photos. We have started compiling our big album of Dumb Fest 4 photos right here on our Dumb Fest 4-Ever flickr album. You can also find them on the Dumb Fest facebook page soon. Also check out a few below.

Check out more videos from the festival and also other videos/pictures taken at Black Sheep over the years on our vids/pics page.








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