The Studio Show Needs Your Help!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 8.33.06 AM.png

The hit Springfield youtube series and web show The Studio Show have had a successful first season and it looks like they trying to get ready for an even bigger and better second season. The Studio Show launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this week to help propel them into a successful second season. The campaign is to raise funds for The Studio Show to acquire equipment and props needed to take the second season to the next level. You can go to the campaign page and check out the show’s nifty video for the Kickstarter:


Click on that link right up there ^^^ to go to the Kickstarter. A couple of days into the campaign and the show has over 10% of the funds they need to reach their $5,000 goal. There is also a long list of incentives for donators, which you can also check out on the Kickstarter page. From the Kickstarter:

Season 1 was completed with no budget, found props, dumpster-dive set pieces and hundreds of hours of donated time by the cast and crew. With your help, we can get Joe some decent equipment, fill Arlin’s wardrobe closet, and buy Keil new antiques.

We have big plans for Season 2 and they can only be realized through your support and generosity. Every donation counts, so please check out all of our funding options and the sweet perks that can be yours!

The Studio Show has featured a number of bands and artists familiar to The Black Sheep stage in their first season including Jeff Williams, Clare Frachey, SAP, Looming, The Luzhin Defense, Animals With Human Names, and more.

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