The Illinois Times: “Making Springfield Look Cool” [The Studio Show]


New Springfield TV show and youtube channel “The Studio Show” continues to go hard into new episodes and is getting more and more coverage as they go along! You may have noticed the show made it to the front of The Illinois Times this week with the article “Making Springfield Look Cool” by Scott Faingold. From the article:

Comedy is only part of the reason “The Studio Show” exists. The program, described memorably by Isham in one episode as “something special and unique and heartfelt and community-oriented,” is indeed a one-of-a-kind showcase for the city of Springfield as a place where creativity flourishes. The first several episodes feature interviews with a variety of area artists, including painters Jeff Williams and Amanda Greive, sculptor Michael Dunbar, cartoonist Brett James Freeman and poet Shatriya Smith. In addition, musical guests have included regional talent ranging from the close-harmony folk-pop of the Deep Hollow to the raw garage rock of SAP to the hip-hop stylings of Deezy Da Paperboy.

You can check out the full article in this week’s copy of The Illinois Times or head over to the Illinois Times website where you can view the full thing right here.

In addition to the article, The Studio Show also released their tenth episode last week, which you can find streaming below. The episode features local artist Michelle Smith and a new musical duo called “Cri8” (featuring one member of NIL8). Also head over to The Studio Show’s youtube page for a good look at all of the episodes and videos released so far.

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