The Studio Show Episode 8: Brett Freeman, Timothy Donavan Russell, Austin Duffie

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 4.10.46 PM.png

We just can’t get enough of The Studio Show– the new TV show / web series that has sweeping all of Springfield art and music for the past few months. The show is already onto it’s eighth episode which debuted a little over one week ago. This episode features local artist Brett Freeman, who we have seen around Black Sheep and was responsible for one of the Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s fliers as well as plenty of other drawings you may have seen. The musical guest this week was Timothy Donavan Russell, who actually just played the “Ambient Blast” at Black Sheep last weekend. And of course pictured above you can catch a rare sighting of Austin Duffie of the band Milchjunge as another featured guest on the show.

Watch the new episode below, or head over to The Studio Show’s youtube page where you can find all past episodes.

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