Tonight at Dumb Records / Black Sheep: F///\\\M, Gutterpriest + Game Night


It seems like the curse of van breakdowns has been strong with touring bands coming to play at Black Sheep! Tonight we had a couple of touring bands scheduled to play at Dumb Records but unfortunately they had to drop the gig after being stuck and broke down in Kentucky. However, we will still be having the show inside Dumb Records with just the two locals acts- F///\\\M and Gutterpriest. This will probably be the last F///\\\M show, so be sure to catch it out! The solo project of Brandon Carnes also released a new 3-song EP on the internet last night, which you can find streaming below.

Game night will also still be happening tonight at 8:00 pm. Come out at 7:00 pm to catch a couple of bands at Dumb, and then mosey on over to Black Sheep for a game of Yahtzee! All of this is now free. Check out a facebook event for the Dumb Records show right here, and also a facebook event for game night right here. Also check out our shows page for a good look at what else is coming up in Southtown in the next few months.

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