DUMB FEST 4-EVER Announcement #1


Wow, the day has finally come! We are finally releasing the first wave of bands being announced for Dumb Fest 4-Ever happening here in Springfield on June 10th, 11th, and 12th this year! That’s right, here are 8 bands of what is looking like a 35-band total 3-day fest happening at Black Sheep, Dumb Records, Skank Skates, and Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s. Let’s get into the bands:

UROCHROMES (Western Mass.)
LOWERED A.D. (Carbondale, IL)
BIB (Omaha, NE)
GOON (Denver, CO)
HUSH (Champaign/Chicago, IL)
LA LOUVE (Champaign, IL)
MOONDEAD (Springfield, IL)

You can find links to most of the bands’ music by clicking on their names. Check out a track from Urochromes streaming below. Go check out the Dumb Fest 4 facebook event for a closer look at which of those bands will be playing which days. Also check out our Dumb Fest 4-Ever page to view the what bands have been announced so far at all times. Other bands will be likely announced in three more waves, coming at ya throughout the rest of this month!

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