Mates Fest 7 in Peoria April 14th-17th


Last we told you about Discontent Fest happening June 25th and 26th at The Rail II in Peoria. It’s the first year Peoria is hosting that fest, but this year will be the seventh year for long-running Mates Fest which is happening four whole days from April 14th through the 17th. There are a ton of bands playing Mates Fest including Springfield’s own Hospital JobOur Lady and Livin’ Thing. Check out the bands announced so far below:

All Eyes West (CHI)
Arcade at Midnight (309’r)
Astronomy Class (Peoria)
Better Half (Peoria)
Brief Candles (MKE)
Brody Maag Hits (Peoria)
Chimess (309’r)
Cold Grip (Peoria)
Dirty Rotten Revenge (Bloomington)
Drained (Peoria)
Dry Heave (Champaign-Urbana)
Emily Marie Prewitt (Peoria)
Endless Compromise (Pekin)
Fancy Hawk (Peoria)
The Fantastic Plastics (NYC)
Foolish Belief (Peoria)
Grill Billyenz (Normal)
Hospital Job (Springfield)
Jared Grabb (Peoria)
Juliene and Her Violent Femmes Situation (309’r)
Kelut (Peoria)
Kowabunga! Kid (Champaign)
Livin’ Thing (Springfield)
Memorial For A Dove (Peoria)
Men of Fortune (Peoria)
Motes (Urbana)
The Oceanographers (Peoria)
The Origin Story (Lincoln)
Our Lady (Springfield)
Phantom Noise (Peoria)
Reduced to Instinct (Bloomington)
Rings (Peoria)
Shannon Moore Shepherd (Peoria)
The Siamese Connection (Peoria)
Sonic Comet (309’r)
Surrenderson (CHI/Normal)
Take My Bike, Please (309’r)
Terribly Happy (Peoria)
Thetah (Peoria)
Time Cube (Peoria)
Time Machine Guns (309’r)
Todays Hits (CHI)
Twin Galaxies (Peoria)
Unamused Dave (Germantown Hills)
Undeserving (Central IL)
Untaken Name (Peoria)
Up&At’em (Peoria Heights)
Winder (Bloomington)
Windowlicker (309’r)
Worry (CO)
Yonsei (STL)
Zach Clayton (Peoria)

That’s a lot of bands! And they aren’t even done announcing them yet! Stay updated with band announcements on the Mates Fest 7 facebook event. The fest will be happening at The Rail II and Peoria Pizza Works both in Peoria. The event is also for charity supporting the Peoria Regional Chapter Autism Society of America. Also follow the facebook page for more info on set times, and ticket prices when that info becomes available.

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