The Buzz Interview Wir Können and Looming


To get ready for a show that happened last night at Error Records in Champaign/Urbana, Champaign weekly newspaper The Buzz got the chance to interview two Springfield bands- Wir Können and Looming. In both interviews, The Buzz talks to bands about what their future plans are, what their bands are about, and how they feel about Springfield and Champaign music scenes. Check out the Wir Können interview “Growing Up With Music” right here, and check out the Looming interview “Looming in C-U” right here.

Here’s a bit from Brandon Carnes in the Looming interview:

I’d love to go anywhere they’ll have us. I think it’s really cool that there’s a pretty positive relationship between the Champaign music scene and the Springfield music scene right now. We have tons of Champaign bands come here [Springfield] all the time and kids come to shows in Springfield from Champaign. I also play in a hardcore band called Diaper Rash and we played at Dingbat Dungeon a few weeks ago. It seems like there are just tons of people going back and forth. There is obviously the relationship between Error Records and Dumb Records. The intercity relationship is really cool right now and I think it’s helping to really grow our community on both sides of the highway.

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