Lumpy & The Dumpers: Spaghetti Pit @ Black Sheep


On Friday, September 5th Black Sheep saw a mess like one there has never been before. Some sticky culprits somehow managed to sneak pockets full of green spaghetti into the show, and the spaghetti made an appearance while Lumpy & The Dumpers were trying to perform on stage. We have not yet caught whoever did this, but our forensics team is hot on a trail of clues right now and will be sure to catch the spaghetti havoc-causers. Today we do have a good batch of photos and a video from the spaghetti-pit that broke out during the Lumpy & The Dumpers set. You can check those out above and below, or find some more on our flickr photo stream.

spaghetti7 spaghetti2 spaghetti5 spaghetti3 spaghetti9 spaghetti4 spaghetti6 spaghetti8 spaghetti10

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