The Asylum Reunion May 24th

02It looks like some type of reunion for old Springfield all ages music venue and coffeehouse The Asylum is being planned for May of this year. The Asylum was around near the intersection of Wabash and MacArthur and operated as a music venue/coffee shop from 1998-2001. You can check out a photo collage video for the old venue below. Organizers for the reunion are asking for donations to make the event possible on Saturday, May 24th. Proceeds will also go towards the St. Jude Children Hospital.

We have made plans for a large reunion that will take place at the VFW on Old Jacksonville Rd, and will feature food, drinks, and live bands; all to help everyone reconnect and revisit the people that helped inform and enrich our lives. We have set up a website, , where donations can be made towards making this reunion a success. There is a clear count of individual donations, when they were made, and by whom they are made. All proceeds will go directly towards the reunion, as the only interest for the Planning Committee is that we all have an amazing reunion and maybe re-live some old times. Any remaining money will then be given as a gift to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in the name of the Asylum Coffeeshop. Interested volunteers who would like to contribute time or materials in lieu of donations can contact the previously mentioned individuals listed above or send us an email.

The entire entry for The Asylum reunion can be seen on the Some Things Can’t Be Ignored blog right here. If you would like to contribute to the cause you can head over to More info on bands and festivities will be posted later on once more is known about the reunion.

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