Wikipedia’s Notable Punk Houses: Harm House

tumblr_mrw5wkipPK1so0jn5o1_1280It looks like some sort of magical beam of magic has struck Springfield house venue The Harm House and they have ended up on Wikipedia’s list of notable punk houses. The list is in the article about punk houses, which defines a punk house:

punk house is a dwelling occupied by members of the punk subculture. Punk houses are similar to the hippie crash pads of the 1960s and the slan shacks of science fiction fandom.The Factory, an alternative living space founded by Andy Warhol as the home base of The Velvet Underground, is directly linked to the formation of punk rock in New York City. In the early 1980s, a few punk gangs developed around allegiance to certain punk houses.

Punk houses are often centered around certain political or personal ideologies. It is not uncommon for a punk house to be anarchist, strictly straight-edge, or vegan.[1] A clique of punks may start a punk house by squatting an abandoned building, by renting, or by owning property. Punk houses are often communally inhabited in an attempt to minimize the individual expense of rent or property tax.

Punk houses serve as backdrops for local scenes; punk houses often provide overnight shelter to touring punk rock bands, and sometimes serve as a venue for shows.[2] Bands or record labels sometimes form in a particular punk house. Many punk houses have associated punk zines that sometimes share the name of the house.[3] Groups of anarcho-punks run their houses as communes. Inhabitants sometimes identify their houses with unique names and symbols so they can represent their residence with clothing, slogans, and graffiti.

Check out the Wikipedia article including the list of houses right here. The list includes a number of other notable punk houses including the Lost Cross in Carbondale, IL, and The BFG in Appleton Wisconsin which houses members of Dumb Fest band Tenement. Wikipedia states that The Harm House is known for being a “residence, productive space, occasionally holds house shows, and a place open to touring bands and anyone down on their luck.” You can check out the Harm House record of the night site right here.


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