Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: Fagalonius P. Hector

hector-collageSpringfield music blog Some Things Can’t Be Ignored have added a new post featuring 1994 recordings from the old Springfield band Fagalonius P. Hector. From Some Thing’s Can’t Be Ignored:

Ok, folks…this one goes WAY back!  14 years this August, to be exact!  What we have here is an extremely rare piece of Springfield music history.  Most of you who visit this blog have never heard these recordings.  This is Fagalonius P. Hector rehearsing (at the Scanlan’s house I’m guessing??) back in August of 1994.  I’m guessing this was recorded through a 4-track or powered mixer or something because it sounds pretty damn good!  Those of you who weren’t around or just not old enough to have been attending shows back then and never saw these guys live can FINALLY experience what it was like to do so (sorta).

You can stream the songs below or you can head over to Some Things Can’t Be Ignored and check out the full post here.


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