Some Things Can’t Be Ignored: Park “Mood Ring” 7″

Some Things Can’t Be Ignored, music blog featuring Springfield local releases from the 1990s and beyond has recently featured an old 7″ from the Springfield band Park.  The “Mood Ring” 7″ was Park’s first ever 7″ and it was released in 1997 on Sam The Cat Records.

…I have two copies of this 7″.  The 2nd one I got for free when I bought at t-shirt at the show Park played with Yellowcard at the old Rise (previously the Asylum) back in the early 2000′s.  I was handed a 7″ when I bought a “No Signal” shirt (that I still wear from time to time) and I told Justin, who handed it to me, that I already have one and I don’t need a 2nd one.  He told me, “Um…just keep it man…comes free with the shirt and we have tons of these we need to get rid of.”

– Anthony of S.T.C.B.I.

You can check out the Mood Ring 7″ post (and also download the files for free) here.  Some of the members of Park have gone on to form a new band by the name of Tiger Tank, and they will be playing their first show in Springfield on October 19th for this year’s all ages Hobgoblinspookadelic.

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