New Dumb Records Enamel Pins + Online Merch Store Relaunch

Some of you that were around for our earlier years at the original location might have remembered a brief moment in time where we had Dumb Records enamel pins with our old logo. Well… we have been wanting to make more with the new logo for a while now, and that time has finally come! We have our drippy record logo enamel pins available in the store for $4.00! But also, they are now available online along with a NEW simple and revamped online store we set up for some of our Dumb Records merch items right here at! Fun! On this version of our online store, you can only find five items including some of our recent shirt designs, enamel pins, and a sticker bundle deal. We are keeping things simple this go-around, there is no option for in-store pickup (sorry, this time it’s geared more for out of towners for us to ship stuff to because that is what makes the most sense for us right now)! Our online store with records and CDs is still setup through Discogs here.

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