Legacy Of Giving Music Festival Kicking Off Tonight

Downtown music festival season is officially here! One of the major downtown music festivals, Legacy of Giving is kicking off tonight right at 5:00 pm. The music tonight goes all the way until midnight, and then tomorrow it’s an all-day festival going from noon until midnight!

Since our original post about the festival earlier last weekend, they have uploaded the full schedule for Friday and Saturday to the Legacy of Giving facebook page. And as you can see on the poster above, there are too many bands playing for us to even list off here. The headlining acts look to be EnamelThe Longmeyer BandThe Station, and This One’s Pink. There are probably about 50 bands listed on that poster playing throughout the weekend. Update – there are actually 60 bands playing 5 different stages for 10 different charities! The festival also features food trucks, a kids area, a vendor fair, a disc golf tournament, and much much more.

The festival also features a disc golf tournament, many different vendors, kids areas, and much more. You can find more information on the festival at logmusicfest.org.

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